How to Play bedwars With hive

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If you would like to play bedwars with hive, you have to place a bed header on the center of the screen. Then you start a game in bed header and then call “bedwars”.
Then the action on the screen will become dynamic for example: You may face a enemy, attacks him with your secondary weapon, and then you may recover your health as you battle with secondary weapon. Then you may find another bed header on the same screen. This function will keep running until you quit the game IO manager.
maneuvers Bedrock: In bed rock you have unlimited tactical considerations, but you are limited to four actions at a time. But there are hot spots on the map where you may find better tactics.
Each battle begins with a deployment of decision cells. Carefully plan your move by deciding whether to lay peacefully or move in groups or in a column or in a way that causes the activity creating the conflict the most direct path to success. Choose the best way. Remember that a movement to a place where there is a lull of activity will be more difficult than a movement to an empty spot on the map. Awareness of the tactical situation is also very important. Not only the location of your bed header every turn but also the IDC (the action processor) which is responsible for turning decision cells into actions must be set up. Not only the bed header but also the other cells in the maze must be carefully planned.